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It is almost May and that means it’s time for MeMadeMay!
Last year I tried to join, but because I only started sewing 4 months earlier, I didn’t have much me made clothes.
This year I’m in for real.
Well, I did took the pledge at ZoĆ«’s Blog (the organizer of MMMay17)

I, Niki, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear a MeMade garment each day for the duration of May 2017 and to discover which garments i’m missing in my wardrobe. I want to have a sewing plan for the “missing” garments at the end of May.

I’m very curious how far I will get into May with my own handmade clothes and what I will miss in my handmade wardrobe.
My guess beforehand? Bottoms (skirts, trousers etc) and easy shirts.
But who knows, maybe I don’t miss them at all..!!

You can follow my MMMay progress on Instagram and I will post halfway through my thoughts on my progress of MMMay.


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