Finished: Archer buttonup by Grainline Studio

My second Archer button up!

My first one I haven’t even blogged about (made from purple plaid fabric gifted by my great aunt) but let’s do this one first. (because I just finished it!)

Look at this wedding picture 😀 Photo made in my parents garden by Boudewijn

The first one I made was a view A, straight size 6 with no alterations. Roomy but still flattering. Only thing I found a bit annoying were the big shoulders.

So here comes version two! I made a narrow shoulder adjustment: I took 2 cm of both shoulders (I was surprised) and tadaaaa! Perfect shirt.

Fabric is a double gauze Nani Iro bought from Mondays Milk. It’s really gorgeous, the blue and purple lines are like pen scratching.
I played a bit with the stripe direction, and didn’t even consider pattern matching (because the whole fun thing about this fabric print is that it’s completely random!)

Only downside of this fabric: it’s kinda white. And if I wear white, I attract dirt. And pasta sauce.

Because it’s my second Archer button up, the collar & cuffs went pretty smooth.
So yup, another favorite! (and just in time for MeMadeMay!)

Finished: Archer buttonup by Grainline Studio

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