Sewing plans – 2017

Happy New Year!

I started my sewing plans for 2017 with a kick start. I spend New Years Eve making stamps and decorating t-shirts and fabric with Ieke (my 6 year old) and my mum.

The fabric of my Toaster Sweater 2 and the birthday dress of Ella (and Ieke’s very similar dress 🙂 ) were made.
After dinner I was so tired and I was afraid I couldn’t keep my eyes open till 12. So I just kept going. Ironing (so much fabric!), cutting out the Toaster Sweater pieces and tracing the Saunio Cardigan pieces. Pretty pleased with myself for keeping myself awake, gheghe.

Earlier I made a (analog) list of the garments I want to make this year. Because of Sew My Style, it’s pretty long already! (do not panic – do not panic – DO NOT PANIC)
I just repeat to myself this year has 12 months as every other year so I just should begin and see how it goes. Right? Right. (OMG)

There are a few patterns at Sew My Style I’m not really thrilled about, and to be a conscious sewer (and realistic one, because I can spend my money just once), I’ve replaced them with patterns I already have.

sew my style toaster sweater 2January

* #sewmystyle – Toaster Sweater #2 by Sewhouse7 – handstamped sweatshirt fabric






birthday dress: RTW shirt and half circle skirt
example for the dresses

* birthday dress for Ella (turning 3!) – RTW shirt (handstamped) with a high waist half circle skirt (also handstamped fabric) with a elastic band.

* dress for Ieke (because she’s bit (much) jealous of her little sister) (see dress for Ella)







Saunio Cardigan by Named ClothingFebruary

* #sewmystyle – Saunio Cardigan by Named Clothing – quilted grey with sparkles stretch fabric






Leggings by Megan Nielsen March

* #sewmystyle – Leggings by Megan Nielsen – super stretchy green/grey fabric with little holes in it.






Bridgetown Backless DressApril

* #sewmystyle – Bridgetown Backless Dress by Sewhouse7 – no idea what fabric. Determined to find something from my stash.






Lark tee and Miette Skirt
Lark tee and Miette Skirt

* #sewmystyle cheatMiette Skirt by Tilly & the Buttons – denim with colorful piping at the pockets. I already made one and I would love to have more of those!!

* #sewmystyle cheatLark Tee by Grainline Studio – something from my stash
Never can I have to many tshirts.



Bonnshirt by Itch to StichJuly
* #sewmystyle cheatBonnshirt by Itch to Stich – grey cotton with white dots






Darling Ranges shirtdress by Megan NielsenAugust

* #sewmystyle cheat / or not – maybe the Bonnshirt dress or maybe the Darling Ranges shirtdress by Megan Nielsen.






Driftless Cardigan by Grainline StudioSeptember
* #sewmystyle cheat – Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio. Already made one and need more for sure.

* birthdaydress for Ieke (turning 7!)
* dress for Ella (because I made Ieke a dress when Ella turned 3. Yeah, I make it hard for myself)




Hampshire Trousers by Cali Faye CollectionOctober

* #sewmystyle – Hampshire Trousers by Cali Faye Collection – TROUSERS! YEAH BABY!




Anna Dress by By Hand LondonNovember

* #sewmystyle – Anna dress by By Hand London – checked fabric from my stash






* #sewmystyle – ??? from Named Clothing (will be announced)

And not dated, but still wanted:

fabric for catarina dress? * Catarinadress – I got this polyester silky fabric with abstract fields of flowers on it. I think I would be perfect for a Catarina dress!





* Bralette – the Jasmine Bra of Ohlulu?

* Pienkel Fjara racertank top

* a Billie Sweater for Boudewijn.

* Nantucket Shorts from Seamwork Magazine

* And I would like to do a workshop printscreen you own fabric with Bobbinhood because making your own fabric is SO COOOOOL.

You are still here? Wow.

I don’t know if this is going to happen. But a girl can dream, right? Better get my sewing machine spinning!

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Sewing plans – 2017

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